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                        Alexander Technique is the Zen of Posture and Movement

The Ins and Outs of Alexander Technique

Hospitals, Surgeons & AT

British Medical Journal (BMJ) endorses AT for Back Pain... O - Oprah Magazine - AT

Read the full BMJ study report... BMJ - The Full Study Report

AT helps surgeons operate more efficiently... AT Helps Surgeons

Mayo Clinic recommends AT for Balance & Movement... Mayo Clinic Recommends AT

Media, Celebrity & AT

NY Times touts the benefits of AT... NY Times Touts AT

NPR talks about AT, musicians take note... NPR Talks About AT

"Social Network" actor gives credit to AT... Social Network Actor Credits AT

Victoria Beckham aligns her spine... Victoria Beckham Aligns Her Spine With AT

"King's Speech," AT 'tried and true' method to address stammering...
"The King's Speech" and AT

Doris May

A Few Past and Present Students of AT
(listed alphabetically):

Julie Andrews, Barbara Chirse, Sir Colin Davis, Judi Dench, John Dewey, Marianne Flack, James Galway, Aldous Huxley, Hugh Jackman, James Earl Jones, Kevin Klein, Suzanne Lubell, Margaret Luca, EB May, Paul McCartney, Paul Newman, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Suzy Schwartz, George Bernard Shaw. Maggie Smith, Eleanore Speert, Sting, Dr. Andrew Weil

AT is for Me! AT is for You! AT is for Everyone!

AT is a Century-Old Technique That's New Every Day!

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