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                        Alexander Technique is the Zen of Posture and Movement


In an AT lesson You Will:
Explore Thinking and Moving!

Explore how you move in everything you do, walking, bending, sitting at a computer, etc.

Learn how you were designed to move!

Make Choices to move in ways that will not compress
or stress your back, your joints, your mind!

What happens during an AT lesson?

During an AT lesson, you might find yourself exploring
chair 'work,' table 'work,' walking 'work' ... Alexander
Technique was often called "the Work," but it is work
as Play, as Choice, as Discovery! It is fun!

One key factor of a lesson is how an AT teacher uses her hands to help students discover their own individual movement patterns ("habits of movement"), thereby allowing students to make new choices of movement. With a teacher's skillful hands and words, students explore and develop their kinesthetic sense (the ability to sense body position and the movement of muscles, tendons and joints).

How many lessons are needed to see results?

Everyone is different. Everyone is individual. AT study imparts a spiral of learning whereby students can begin to apply AT principles immediately into their daily lives.


  • Lessons are in a convenient NYC midtown studio.

  • Lessons are 45 minutes in length.

  • Contact Me for rates, package rates, student rates.

More Information:

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