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Doris May

I was living with a lot of pain from a pinched nerve in my neck. When physical therapy failed to give me lasting relief, I turned to the Alexander Technique. By following AT principles, I find that my pain is now a memory.

My AT teacher, Doris May, has helped me become aware of the amazing connection between thinking and movement. Doris is a wonderfully skilled AT teacher. My sessions with her are enjoyable and rewarding - and something I look forward to.

My experience with AT has enriched my life. If you have lasting discomfort in your neck, shoulders or back, I strongly recommend looking into AT, and I strongly recommend Doris May.

- Laura R, Non-Profit Administrator

When I first started Alexander Technique I had a tight back and major pain flare-ups from disintegrated discs in my lower back. AT lessons have taught me how to create space in my back, neck and joints so that I give my muscles and vertebra room to move. I am far less tight, not only in my back but all over, giving me greater control over my movements. I now have the ability to pause and direct my body to release, which helps stop the tightness. It's an amazing revelation when you use “thinking” to release the tension in your body. My teacher, Doris May, introduced me to AT with expert guidance, and has taught me how to work on my own. In my weekly lessons, she gives me something new to think about and reminds me of something we’ve learned before. I look forward to these lessons with Doris because at the conclusion of each one I feel lighter and more in control of my own well-being. Because I feel better overall, it’s been easier than ever to maintain my weight - and sense of humor; a big claim, but true for me.

- E. Speert, Buyer, Drama Book Shop, NYC

As someone over the age of 60+, I came to AT with a desire to prolong my physical quality of life which I believed would be possible.

I find my AT lessons with Doris to be more beneficial than I had originally thought – both in relief of pain/discomfort from arthritis and other aging conditions and related problems caused by and/or worsened by improper posture. There has been a marked difference in my physicality which has also resulted in an overall calming effect.

Doris is an especially gifted teacher in her ability to allow me to visualize what I am trying to accomplish in each session and in the ways she suggests to translate the “unlearning” outside of the AT session. There is clarity about her explanations which are so helpful in integrating and internalizing the issues we are addressing.

I plan on continuing my study of AT with Doris so that I can ensure my well-being in the future to ensure a full, productive life.

- Barbara Chirse, Financial Manager

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